DCSM Engaging in Social DIstancing

DCSM, in addressing concerns of COVID-19, has continued its efforts in social distancing by promoting at-home work where applicable.


DCSM Works to Develop Vaccine for COVID-19

Like so many medical research facilities around the globe, DCSM is working tirelessly on developing a vaccine for the novel coronavirus.


DCSM Gains Contract with Federal Acquisition Service

The Department of the Navy SPAWAR has awarded a five year $10.5 million prime contract to the Durnstein Center for Science and Medicine (DCSM)

Biological Engineering and Research (BEAR)

Durnstein Center of Science and Medicine’s Biological Engineering and Research (BEAR) defines biological engineering as an analogous sibling to…

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Weapons and Defense Technology (WAD-TECH)

The Weapons and Defense Technology (WAD-TECH) department of DCSM is one of the few programs specifically designed to engineer,…

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International Medical Center (AIMC)

The International Medical Center (AIMC) aims to accelerate innovation across a spectrum of activities that span discovery, design, and…

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